In Loving Memory of One of NCSBS Founders, Patricia Koehler

Category: Button Information [Edit] In Loving Memory of One of NCSBS Founders, Patricia Koehler, May 12, 2016

 Patricia Koehler, Obituary

It was with great sadness that I learned of Pat Koehler’s death last evening.  Pat passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 11, 2016.  She was one of the original founders of the North Carolina State Button Society, an active member of the NC Central button club as well as a member of the National Button Society.  A mother, grandmother, great grandmother, teacher, author and very dear friend, she will be greatly missed.

There is a lot to Pat’s story, which will have to wait for a later time when all of the details of her life and death are known, but in the meantime please keep her family in your prayers as their loss is very deep.

Pat will be missed by button collectors from here to Pennsylvania and beyond. Her knowledge and love for this hobby was so expanse that she happily mentored a number of us newer collectors.  Her grace, kindness, giving nature, and her consideration for others and her surroundings will all be memories that each of us who knew her will hold dear to our hearts.


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