What Is a Button Club Anyway?

People may wonder what a button club is all about. I can’t speak for other button clubs, but here’s the way our button club works.

What is a Button Club?


We meet in our members homes, usually once a month, but we often end up skipping a month or two during the course of the year when several of our members can’t attend due to other commitments. We have a schedule and each member hosts the meeting in their home once or twice a year. The host is responsible for providing drinks and light snacks for the meeting.

Every meeting has a co-host who is responsible for bringing a dessert for the group and the members each bring their own lunch entree. We hold our meetings on Saturday and start about 10:00 with people arriving throughout the hour. Members put out buttons for sale or trade and the first hour is time for shopping and chatting.

Next we have a business meeting and share updates about upcoming events, news in the button world and any plans our club has for the upcoming state show. During the business meeting we have a door prize. Every member can draw a number to win the door prize by paying a quarter. The more quarters a member gives, the more chances they get to win the door prize. Whoever wins the door prize donates the door prize button for the next meeting. It’s a fun and easy way to build up our club treasury a little each meeting.

After business comes lunch and during lunch we have a “Ten-Minute Tidbit.” Everyone in the club takes one or two turns a year providing a tidbit, which may be showing a recent purchase and identifying something interesting about it or sharing something brief about a button topic. It can be almost anything.

After lunch we have a program, which we also take turns giving. Our club is fortunate to have a large box of prepared programs that any of us can choose from, or we can research a topic ourselves. Everyone knows about the program in advance so they can bring buttons to share on the topic. One of our favorite programs is “Show and Tell” where we each bring buttons or button-related items to share with the group. After the program we shop and visit some more!

You can tell that our club puts a lot of emphasis about learning about buttons. What we all find so much fun is learning about a new type of button at a meeting, then getting interested in collecting that type of button. A new door is opened at every meeting!


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