Does Anyone Else Watch “Project Runway” to See the Button Wall?

Lots of button collectors sew, or used to sew, and I am no different. I watch Project Runway, the show where clothing designers are given tasks and a limited amount of time to produce a garment. Every week the designers go to a fabric store in New York called Mood to purchase the fabrics, trims, notions and BUTTONS for their designs. One of the highlights of the show for me is Tim Gunn, the designers’ mentor, framed against the button wall, giving instructions to the designers.

Someday I’ll go to Mood and see that wall! Want to come along?

Tim Gunn in front of Mood's Wall of Buttons

Today’s Buttons – Tomorrow’s Collectibles (Bead & Button Article)

Collecting New Buttons

My mom, who is also my Button Mentor, always checks out the new buttons in the fabric and craft stores when she’s nearby. In comparison to the beautiful picture buttons she collects, the new buttons seem so insubstantial and dare I say it – cheap!¬†She gently reminds me, however, that we often overlook what we perceive as common today that we will appreciate in years to come.

Shirley Hutson has written about this exact topic in the latest issue of Bead & Button Magazine here, and points out that new buttons are not only affordable, they also are great buttons to entice Junior Button Collectors to jump in.