For National Button Society Members: A New Members-Only Section


A Note From the National Button Society Membership Clerk, Susan Porter:

The “Members Only” section of our NBS website was officially launched at our 75th Anniversary Show in Appleton this last week.  Those attending the launch presentation were enthusiastic.

Please note that a current email address is required before you can log on.  If you have not provided your email address or have not updated it recently please contact the NBS secretary to provide that information.

At the launch instructions were provided for setting up a password which is required for logging (on or in) to the site.  You can find those instructions and information about what is include on the “Members Only” site on our public site page.

Click here to see what the site has to offer.

Click here for your logon instructions.

Please feel free to duplicate and provide this information to your local club members.  All NBS Members should find the site useful!

Editor’s Note: membership in the National Button Society is not a prerequisite for membership in the North Carolina State Button Society.

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