Getting More Out of Your Fun Buttons

The folks at Glitter ‘n Glue have a neat little tutorial on making rings out of buttons. Now before you get all uppity and let me know that real collectors don’t harm buttons to make jewelry, let me remind you of all the poor languishing buttons in your collection that:

  • aren’t valuable
  • probably would never be used for a button tray or display
  • you haven’t looked at in years

Why not get those buttons out and wear them! It’s great advertising for our hobby (you know people will ask you about it) and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

If you still can’t bear to cut off a shank or glue a button, use a sew-though button and affix it with museum putty, which doesn’t leave any residue on the button.

Here’s the rings-out-of-buttons tutorial.

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