Judging Sheets for 2016 Awards

Here are the links to the judging sheets for the 2016 awards. Use these judging sheets to make sure you are preparing your tray according to the way the award is written. The same sheets will be used by the judges to judge the trays. Each judging sheet is in pdf format and can be printed.

Award 1-2015 Costume Trimmings

Award 2-2015 Things With Wings (VII-A)

Award 3-2015 Things With Wings (VII-B)

Award 4-2015 Shell

Award 5-2015 Burwood & Syrocco

Award 6-2015 Doves

Award 7-2015 Peacocks

Award 8-2015 Beasts of Burden

Award 9-2015 Things You Find In the Woods

Award 10-2015 Black Glass Pictorials

Award 11-2015 Windmills

Award 12-2015 Indian Chief Heads

Award 13-2015 Lighthouses

Award 14-2015 Mythological

Award 15 -2015 Snowflakes

Award 16-2015 Borders

Award 17-2015 Balls

Award 18-2015 Glass Realistics




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