Ideas for Collecting: “Threes” on Buttons

Did you ever think of collecting pictorials of three of something on buttons?

Three is a fascinating number in many ways and it’s interesting to collect things that appear in threes on buttons – this might be a very fun award!

You may enjoy collecting threes in different materials (the example shown is silk-screened fabric) such as wood, shell, glass or plastic, or you may enjoy putting together a tray of buttons of threes all in one material. Since plastic buttons are plentiful, a tray of plastic threes would be fun and affordable!

You could also choose to select threes from the pictorial section of the Blue Book, which includes plants, animals, objects without people, and other pictorials. A tray of animals in threes would be very interesting – a different animal on every button with large, medium and small buttons would be attractive and might be fun for kids or adults.

Whatever type of buttons you choose for your tray of threes, whether you call them triads, trios, troikas, triumvirates, triplets or threesomes, you will never be able to stop looking at threes on buttons once you start looking for them!

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