2011 Show Buttons Still Available

We have a small quantity of 2011 show buttons for sale.

The buttons are $10.00 each plus $2.50 for shipping in a well-padded envelope.

These buttons were created by studio artist Heather Smith and feature a paper design of cherry blossoms under a glass dome with a metal back and shank. The button comes mounted on a card with information on the 100th anniversary of the Japanese gift of cherry blossom trees to the United States.

If you wish to purchase a button, please email Mary Pat Whaley at marypatwhaley@gmail.com.

Ideas for Collecting: “Threes” on Buttons

Did you ever think of collecting pictorials of three of something on buttons?

Three is a fascinating number in many ways and it’s interesting to collect things that appear in threes on buttons – this might be a very fun award!

You may enjoy collecting threes in different materials (the example shown is silk-screened fabric) such as wood, shell, glass or plastic, or you may enjoy putting together a tray of buttons of threes all in one material. Since plastic buttons are plentiful, a tray of plastic threes would be fun and affordable!

You could also choose to select threes from the pictorial section of the Blue Book, which includes plants, animals, objects without people, and other pictorials. A tray of animals in threes would be very interesting – a different animal on every button with large, medium and small buttons would be attractive and might be fun for kids or adults.

Whatever type of buttons you choose for your tray of threes, whether you call them triads, trios, troikas, triumvirates, triplets or threesomes, you will never be able to stop looking at threes on buttons once you start looking for them!

Winners of the Awards Competition at the 2012 NCSBS Show

Award #1: Foreign Issue

  • First Place – Helen Vance

Award #2: Buckles Clasps (creative mounting/ popular vote)

  • First Place – Peggie McColloch
  • Second Place – Pat Howard
  • Third Place -Gillian Bostick

Award #3: Junior Ward (creative mounting) – No Entries

Award #4: Junior Award (creative mounting) – No Entries

Award #5: Pastes/Rhinestones in Assorted Materials

  • First Place – Peggie McColloch
  • Second Place – Pat Howard

Award #6: Clear & Colored Glass (blue & green) – No Ribbons Awarded

Award #7 – Clear & Colored Glass (5 colors)

  • First Place – Judy Worthington

Award #8 – Plaster of Paris

  • First Place – Laurie Smyrl

Award # 9 – Birds on a Branch

  • First Place – Jean Rivers
  • Second Place – Judy Worthington
  • Third Place -Joy Childress

Award #10 – Birds of Prey – No Entries

Award #11 – Hands, Fans and Hearts – No Entries

Award #12 – Pick Any Flower

  • First Place – Helen Vance
  • Second Place –  Judy Worthington
  • Third Place – Marilyn Beal

Award #13 – Tulips

  • First Place – Jean Rivers
  • Second Place –  Linda Rhodes

Award #14 – Pansies

  • First Place – Judy Worthington
  • Second Place – Linda Rhodes

Award #15 – Nouns With the Letter “C”

  • First Place – John Rivers
  • Second Place – Peggie McCollogh
  • Third Place – Linda Rhodes

Award #16 – The Moon

  • First Place – Linda Rhodes

Award #17 – People Doing Enjoyable Activities

  • First Place – Judy Worthington
  • Second Place – Peggie McCollogh
  • Third Place –  Linda Rhodes

Award #18 – 30 Different Hats

  • First Place – Jean Rivers
  • Second Place – Pat Howard

Award # 19 – Jerry Adkins Memorial Award (creative mounting)

  • First Place – Laurie Smyrl

Recap of the 2012 NC State Show

The North Carolina State Button Society held its annual show May 18-19 in Greensboro, and a great time was had by all!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The educational display showing Division IV items and telling about their uses was beautiful and amazing! It was delightful to view and illuminating to read.
  • On Friday night Paul Rice gave a fascinating overview of Division IV items, diving into the history of each group. Great examples can be found on his Button Country website here: http://www.buttoncountry.com/Div4WorkshopHome.htm. June Chapman and Amber Seward followed up with a Saturday workshop on mounting Division IV items – indispensable!
  • The Silent Auction continued our theme by offering many Division IV item for sale, in addition to books, mounting cards, poke boxes and of course, buttons. Our thanks to the dealers and many members who donated items.
  • We had a great year in tray competition with 39 trays being entered! The delightful popular vote on creative mounting of buckles was a special favorite of attendees.
  • In our second year of having a Make and Take table for attendees to build small cards of buttons made of different materials, attendees cleaned us out by using all the cards and most of the buttons we had available. We’re spreading the word!
  • Our four beautiful Raffle Baskets were a big hit, with two filled to the brim with Division IV items, one with a collector’s dream of LABELED plastic buttons (you know how hard those plastics are to identify) and one with wine and chocolates.
  • We had a great year with 44 non-member attendees and 28 member attendees, which we attribute to the diligent work of our publicity co-chairs, Susan Hudson and Ann Abarno.

Our grateful thanks to these members who made our terrific show happen:

Show Chair: June Chapman

Welcome Sign: Gillian Bostick

Publicity: Susan Hudson & Ann Abarno

Nametags: Paula Woods

Show Programs: Paul Rice

Registration: Bob Whaley, Pat Koehler, Gillian Bostick, Marilyn Beal, Ann Abarno, Joy Childress

NCBS Button Bags: Gillian Bostick

Dealer Gift Bags: Laurie Smyrl

Educational display: Pat Howard, June Chapman, Amber Seward

Tray Check-In: Beverly Benjamin, Mary Mason

Judges & Clerks: Helen Vance, Gillian Bostick, Paul Rice, Marilyn Kinne, Pat Koehler, Ann Abarno, Karen Farnsworth, Paula Woods, Maggie Whitson, Mary Mason

Dealers: Shirley Clark, Bea Taran, Karen Farnsworth, Kevin & Marilyn Kinne, Mary Beers, Laurie Smyrl, Paula Woods, Pat Howard, Crocia Roberson

Educational Programs: Paul Rice, June Chapman, Amber Seward

We welcome your feedback about what you did or didn’t like about this year’s show, or what you think would improve the show. Please reply to this email with your suggestions.

SAVE THE DATE: next year’s show will be even better if we see YOU there – mark the date right now for May 17th & 18th, 2013 for our show “Metal Buttons from Around the World.”

We are looking for a member to volunteer to take photos next year – I did my best this year, but the few pictures I took don’t start to capture the fun and fellowship of the show. If you’d be available to take pictures next year, please let me know.

Button Best Wishes to All!